Gallipoli - The Frontline Experience - narrated by Jeremy Irons and Sam Neill [DVD]

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A harrowing look at one of the bloodiest battles of World War I

On April 25th, 1915, an Allied Army made up of soldiers from Britain, Australia, New Zealand, India and France landed to capture Gallipoli.
Turkish soldiers aided by their German allies dug in to defend their homeland.
For nine months opposing armies attacked and counter-attacked in a fierce struggle that challenged not only the soldiers endurance, but also their humanity. They battled with each other, with disease, with the harsh climate and terrain, and with the horrific sights of modern warfare, which was very different from what they had expected.
Despite their hardships, the soldiers went on with unprecedented dignity, courage and tenacity.
They captured their experience in thousands of diaries, letters and photographs.
This incredible programme tells their story through their own words.
Filmmaker Tolga Örnek explains Gallipoli from all sides to show that bravery, mastership and endurance were not the province of one country alone.

No matter the uniform, war is still hell.

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