Fred Dinenage Murder Casebook: Series 2

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We explore the darkest stories from Britain s underworld. Discover the true stories behind some of the most shocking crimes to have been carried out in Britain in over a century.

Lord Lucan; the aristocratic figure whose glamorous life became tainted by murder, mistaken identity and events that would launch the biggest manhunt in British history. Peter Manuel was a cold ruthless killer with no motive and an incontrollable rage... who just wanted to be the centre of attention. At just 11-years-old Mary Bell shocked the country when she was convicted of strangling two young boys aged just 3 and 4. One of Scotland s most enigmatic serial killers was Archibald Hall known as the Monster Butler. Hall s lust for a luxurious lifestyle turned him from a conman and jewellery thief into a callous murderer. At the age of 21 John Straffen strangled two little girls but escaped the hangman s noose due to his low IQ of just 58. But after six months at Broadmoor Straffen escaped and committed a third murder on another young girl in a local village. During the 1960s, fear spread through the local community of Cannock Chase, children were being snatched from the streets, sexually assaulted and murdered, sparking one of the biggest manhunts in police history, which eventually led to the conviction of Raymond Leslie Morris. Patrick Mackay savagely murdered more than three people in cold blood. He was certified a psychopath at 15, many questions were raised about the way the authorities dealt with Mackay, asking if the murders could have been prevented if they had intervened earlier? Gordon Cummins was known as The Blackout Ripper . During the London Blitz of 1942 terror stalked the war torn streets. It was not just the horror of German bombs falling from the sky... the fear was created by a spree killer. In just one week four women were brutally killed and two women attacked.

Featuring revealing interviews with witnesses, forensic experts and some of the police officers involved in catching these heinous murderers, this fascinating collection takes you deep into the heart of Britain s criminal underbelly.


Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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