Football's Greatest: Collection One [DVD-R]

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Who is the greatest football player of all time? From the mighty Maradona to
the creative genius of Zidane, from the dazzling displays of Cruyff to Bobby
Moore, one of England's true sporting legends, every football supporter has
their opinion on who is the finest footballer in the history of the sport. In a
unique series of shows this comprehensive 5-DVD collection will answer the
question all football fans have been asking. Every profile will feature some of the greatest moments from that player's career, from sensational goals to mesmerising moments of skill. It will also talk to the player's teammates, coaches, friends and families to reveal what made that star so special. Packed with stunning action from some of the game's most famous players past and present, this unique and in-depth collection will have all lovers of the beautiful game talking and comparing results. Quite simply, this truly marvellous series will have football fans in awe from beginning to end.

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Category: Sport

Type: Region 2 DVD-R

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