Finding Escobar's Millions

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At one time Pablo Escobar, the most wanted man on the planet, buried masses of his estimated multi-billion-dollar fortune all over Colombia. Legends say the vast majority of it has never been found.

With never-before-granted access and permission in Colombia, two former intelligence officers armed with the skills and training from 10 years of work in the CIA go on the hunt for the alleged hidden treasure. Doug Laux and Ben Smith, former CIA operations officers who served multiple tours throughout the Middle East, work with the original DEA agents that handled the case to infiltrate Escobar s inner circle in search of the cash.

To this day, Pablo Escobar is highly regarded in the neighbourhood, and the residents continue to be loyal to his legacy. Will Doug and Ben uncover Escobar s fortune and secrets, or will they come up empty-handed?

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