Egypt's New Tomb Revealed [DVD]

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Ever since Howard Carters discovery of Tutankhamuns tomb in 1922, experts have suggested that the Valley of the Kings has no more secrets to reveal. But now, 84 years later, Dr. Otto Schaden has uncovered a new tomb “ KV63 (œKings Valley tomb 63?) “ just over 50 feet from the burial place of Tutankhamun, KV62. Could it be a royal tomb? A mummification workshop? Or a cache of royal mummies hidden in an unmarked grave? In this ground-breaking documentary, Discovery Channel has gained exclusive access to the tomb and the team of archaeologists working on its contents.

For the very first time on television, viewers can witness the excavation of a new tomb in the Valley of the Kings as it happens. This one-hour special will follow archaeologist Ken Nystrom as he journeys to Egypt to follow the excavation and reveal the secrets of the ancient tomb. It is a discovery that could change our understanding of one of the most important periods in ancient Egyptian history.

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