Edward VIII: The King who threw away a Crown [DVD-R]

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Edward VIII was handsome, charming and adored all over the world. By the age of 30 this English Prince was the most desirable bachelor on the planet, an heir to a throne with the magnetism of a Hollywood film star.

But only those who knew him best “ his family and servants “ knew the dark truth about Edward Prince of Wales. He was psychologically damaged, trapped in permanent adolescence; a man who refused to grow up.

His father, King George V, was convinced that if his son succeeded him the monarchy would be ˜in ruins within 12 months.

˜The King Who Threw Away A Crown is the real archive history of a man born to be King who refused to behave like one. A man who thought he could use the power and majesty of the throne to pursue his obsession with a twice divorced American mistress “ and of what happened when his bluff was finally called.

The strength of Edwards feelings for his lover sparked the great Abdication crisis of 1936 “ the Year of Three Kings.

Its an old story but seen from a fascinating new perspective, which suggests that in Edwards case the warning signs were there from an early age “ the disastrous upbringing, the intellectual backwardness, the admiration for dictators (Mussolini and Hitler) and the obsession with older women.

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