Eclipse Chasers [DVD-R]

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Filmed during the 2010 eclipse on the remote Easter Island in the South Pacific, this brand new documentary explores the remarkable phenomenon of a total solar eclipse “ when the orbits of the sun, moon, and earth come into such perfect alignment that the moon completely blocks the suns light.

Featuring the worlds leading eclipse scientists, Eclipse Chasers shows how scientific data collected during a total eclipse plays a key role in the race to understand the sun and its impact on earth “ especially the explosive solar storms that cause major power blackouts, satellite failure, and even threaten astronauts in space. In addition, the programme highlights how eclipses deepen our understanding of the suns basic functions, and how that knowledge may one day help to solve the worlds future energy needs.

To capture total solar eclipse as never before, Eclipse Chasers employs high-end graphics, HD footage, and “ for the first time “ records the eclipse through an advanced solar telescope that capture images of the sun at the wavelength Hydrogen Alpha.

The show also takes viewers behind-the-scenes to the MIT Plasma Fusion Center and to NASAs leading research centers including the Goddard Space Flight Center (Washington DC) and JPL Labs (Pasadena, CA)

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