Duck Dynasty: Christmas Quackers! [DVD]

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Christmas time in Louisiana, for DUCK DYNASTY fans that can mean only one thing... celebrating the redneck way! In DUCK DYNASTY® : I M DREAMING OF A REDNECK CHRISTMAS, Louisiana s bearded, camouflaged millionaires gather to celebrate as only they can. Christmas fanatic Miss Kay is in her element and goes over the top decorating the house, then spends hours preparing a mouthwatering meal. Some of the men don their holiday sweaters, some participate from the couch, while Phil trims the tree with a chainsaw. Willie plays Santa Claus at the local church, only to have Uncle Si crash the party dressed as an elf, sending the kids running. In O LITTLE TOWN OF WEST MONROE the Robertsons have been asked to perform a live nativity for their church for Christmas. Rehearsals get off to a bumpy start as the Duck Commander guys can t stop sharing their opinions about their assigned parts and lines. Can the Robertson brothers tune into their inner Christmas shopper in time, while simultaneously putting on a successful nativity play? The Christmas countdown is on! WINNER, WINNER TURKEY DINNER Jase and Si embark on a turkey hunt for the annual Robertson men vs. Robertson women cook-off. With Phil s discerning palate as judge, the teams pull out all of the stops with their best country cookin secrets. Who knew you could have so much fun in the backwoods? 

Category: Television

Type: Region 2 DVD

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