Dolphins: Beauty before Brains (DVD-R)

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Humans have built various legends surrounding the dolphin. These likeable creatures have inspired and enthralled us through the ages and have seemingly secured their place beside us as one of the most intelligent mammals on the planet, but how do we measure this intelligence? And how smart are dolphins really? If intelligence is defined by the ability to reason, plan, solve problems and learn from experience, how does the dolphin weigh up? Dolphins - Beauty Before Brains? takes us on a scientific journey into the complex world of the dolphin and investigates the controversy surrounding Professor Paul Manger's recent assertion that dolphins are not quite as smart as we'd previously thought dumber than a goldfish were the words he used. According to his studies, dolphins appear to have brains that lack complexity at neuronal level, which compromises their information-processing abilities. By examining a series of experiments testing the theory of mind in dolphins and exploring unique and engaging habits like self-awareness, creative responses and self-entertainment such as wave-riding, this film illustrates exactly where dolphin IQ scores on the charts.

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Type: Region 2 DVD

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