Discovery Channel - World War 2 Angels of Death [DVD]

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In this fascinating collection of programmes exploring four of the most infamous figures from World War II, we detail the lives of the men whose names will forever be associated with the Nazi Party. Using rare archive footage made available for the first time on DVD and expert analysis, we ll assess the role these men played in World War II as Hitler s closest allies. From the Führer s right hand man and leader of the SS Heinrich Himmler, to the man many saw as Hitler s successor Hermann Goering, these four programmes shed light on some of the darkest characters in recent history. Martin Bormann, a master of political intrigue, was known as the shadow behind the Führer s back, while Rudolf Hess a close associate of Hitler fled to England on May 10, 1941 and later died in mysterious circumstances. We ll unwrap the mystery and intrigue that still surrounds Hitler s henchmen and piece together what happened to them once the war had ended. Join Discovery as we provide an in-depth portrayal of the World War II Angels of Death.

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