Discovery Channel - The Legendary T-REX: Tyrant, Lizard, King [DVD-R]

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The Most Ferocious Predator To Have Stalked The Earth! Step inside the territory of the incredible T-Rex, one of the largest predators to have roamed the Earth. The tyrant lizard was over 10 metres long and weighed between an estimated five and seven metric tons. Quite simply, it was a colossus, and is now remembered as a ferocious beast that ruled the pre-historic world. For a Century, this giant beast has rampaged through the plains of our imagination. But today, new fossils raise a heretical question: was T-Rex just a Mesozoic garbage disposal? What other nasty shocks might science hold in store for our favorite villain: the legendary T-Rex. From its origins to its downfall, these programmes look for clues that can fill in the crucial details and unlock the mysteries of this fearsome creature.

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