Discovery Channel - Secrets of the Third Reich [DVD]

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Perhaps no one will ever know the extent of what went on within its ranks. Included within this remarkable set are two programmes that shed light on some of the most incredible stories that arose from one of history s deadliest regimes: these are the Secrets of the Third Reich. Messiah of The Power of Darkness Unknown paths connect Berlin - the headquarters of Hitler s Nazi Party - to the mysterious Shambhala: a mythical kingdom that is known in Buddhism as the Pure Land . According to legend no mere mortals dwell in Shambhala, only powerful creatures of the ancient Aryan race, which rose from the dead. Hitler believed in the reality of this mythical world and wished to gain support from its leaders. Could he have formed his theory of a master race based on this ancient tradition? UFOs of the Third Reich In 1947, U.S. Admiral Byrd stood before Congress to explain why his fleet withdrew from their Antarctic mission. He announced that the expedition was attacked by strange flying saucers, which surfaced from under the water and moved with great speed, bringing heavy losses to the expedition team. Who or what was actually responsible for chasing out the American expedition? Is it really true that German scientists had been developing a type of flying-disc machine?

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