Discovery Channel - Secrets of the Egyptians [DVD]

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Join Discovery as we go in search of The Secrets of the Egyptians and uncover the truth behind some of the world s oldest and most famous mysteries. This fascinating collection begins with an attempt to trace the woman who launched a thousand myths: the ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. Renowned archaeologist Zahi Hawass is on a mission to reveal the deepest secrets of Nefertiti s life, which still remain a mystery after 3,000 years. We then cover the life of Egyptian King Ramses II who ruled for 64 years, built on a scale unequalled by any ruler in history, bragged about his military prowess and was fond of listing the names of his two hundred children. As one of the most highly significant mummies of modern times, it was his remains that were sent to France for treatment, becoming the only mummy ever to leave Egypt. We reveal what secrets his remains revealed after thousands of years. Finally, we cover the women pharaohs whose names are legendary: Cleopatra, Nefertiti and Hatshepsut. All were icons of beguiling beauty and supreme power, their command rivalling that of the mightiest male rulers in history. Today, in spectacular finds in the famed Temple of Karnak and across the Nile in the Necropolis at Thebes, archaeologists have uncovered a major power source of these well-known women rulers in a previously little-known cult.

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