Digging up the Trenches [DVD-R]

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This is where trench warfare began, flourished and died in just four short years. Soon, these historic trenches will be paved over by motorways and housing developments. But before the bulldozers arrive, a team of archaeologists have just 10 days to find and save the weapons, tools and bones left behind on one of the bloodiest battlefields of the Great War. Digging up the Trenches is a two-hour special that reveals each stage of trench warfare by focusing on the remarkable finds made by this unique excavation. As each rifle and artefact is unearthed, dramatic re-enactments show how these tools and weapons were used by soldiers 90 years ago. We see how men fired sniper rifles, reeled from artillery and destroyed enemy machine-gun nests. The result is a glimpse into how trenches helped define the progress of the entire war, starting as shallow rifle pits and evolving to become vast underground fortresses housing thousands of men.

Category: Documentaries, War

Type: Region 2 DVD-R

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