Did aliens build the pyramids? [DVD]

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Did aliens build the pyramids. Scientists have long pondered a sudden and dramatic change in mans development. It appears that he went from happily living in a cave, slaughtering animals and procreating to survive, to suddenly becoming master engineers who built some of the most impressive and magnificent monuments on Earth, even to this day.
How did this monumental change take place? What enabled the human race to make huge alterations to the way they survived? Or did they? There are a small but determined group of people that believe the reason these sudden changes manifested themselves, is that ancient alien space travellers visited Earth and organised the building of these monuments, passed on their hugely superior space age technological information and ensured the buildings were perfectly constructed.
Hard to believe? Well they say they have proof. We investigate their claims and discover for ourselves just who should get the credit for the most intricate engineering skills ever known to man.

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