Destroyer: Forged in Steel [DVD-R]

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Armed with long-range cruise missiles, five-inch main guns, torpedoes and high- speed cannons, this extremely fast and stealthy warship will be the mainstay of the United States Navy well into the twenty-first century. Destroyer: Forged in Steel follows the construction of one of these impressive vessels from its keel laying to its initial slide into the Kennebec River. Computer-aided design and highly specialised machines are used to design and make each section of the ship “ some weighing as much as two hundred and fifty tons and standing over three storeys tall. Then its up to a small army of pressman, blacksmiths, flame sprayers and more to finish the interior compartments, piping and electrical wiring. When its all finished, a truly modern marvel of naval engineering is sent proudly out to sea.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD-R

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