Death on a Comet: The Rosetta Mission

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The Rosetta mission was launched by the European Space Agency to gather information on
Comet 67P. After orbiting for two years the mission was coming to an end. Scientifically it had
been hugely successful; bringing back incredible photos and making several ground-breaking
discoveries, but it was to come to a dramatic conclusion in September 2016.

The scientists had struggled with the closing stages of the mission. Should they land Rosetta
on the comet in a controlled orbital descent, or crash it straight on the surface? The decision to
crash directly was made. It was quite literally a one chance mission. The direct approach allowed
Rosetta to snap the clearest pictures before meeting its demise, making the suicide mission a
scientific win. The spacecraft faced its last test as it was deliberately crashed onto the surface
of the comet.

This programme celebrates one of the most exciting scientific events of the twenty-first century.
Discovery Channel was inside the European Space Agency live for the descent and crash landing,
to capture all the key moments. We are invited into the control room to watch the conclusion of
this historic event.

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Type: Region 2 DVD

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