Deadliest Catch - Series 1 [DVD]

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Disc 1. Greenhorns - Long Sleepless Nights - Lady Luck 1 x 120:00 min Greenhorns 1500 fisherman have converged on Dutch Harbour, Alaska, for the beginning of the 2005 Alaskan King Crab season. Each man is here to stake his claim on the 14,267,000 pounds of Alaskan King Crab and the chance at earning a year's wages in just one week Long Sleepless Nights After a long night of baiting and setting crab pots, the fisherman anxiously await the captain's call to begin fishing. As soon as the first pots are pulled it becomes evident that some boats are on the money, while others are pulling blanks. The early losers agonise over strategy, hoping to make up for a lost catch. Lady Luck It's hour 42 of the 2005 Alaskan King Crab season and all of the boats in the fleet have dropped their pots. Every captain feeld the pressure: they either find crab today or give up their chance at a profitable season. Decisions need to be made, should the crews stay put or should they gamble on a new location? Disc 2. Beat The Clock - Dead Of Winter - Man Overboard 1 x 120:00 min Beat The Clock With less than half a day left, all of the crews are racing against the clock to get as much crab into their holding tanks as possible. When the season closes at midnight, the race to unload begins. Dead Of Winter It is the dead of winter in Dutch Hqarbour, Alaska, where the days are a mere 6 hours long. The forecast for crab fishing is cold and dangerous. The Opilio Crab season is about to begin. On a cold January day, 171 boats begin the long journey 450 miles northwest of Dutch HArbour. At noon the Opilio Crab season begins. Man Overboard The 2006 Opilio season didn't start, it stumbled! One of the boats sunk and its crew is still missing. "Good Samaritan" boats postpone their season as they search the frigid waters of the Bering Sea for survivors. As the remaining 170 boats in the fleet turn their attention back to fishing, tragedy strikes again. Disc 3. High Hopes - Good Fishing - The Clock's Ticking - The Final Run 1 x 160:00 min High Hopes As the weather turns for the better, fishing is madae easier, and for the first time this season, there is a moment of calm on the Bering Sea. Good Fishing The third and fourth days of the 2005 Opilio Crab season produces record catches and each captain speculates on when the quota will be met. The Clock's Ticking The hunt for crab is intensifying and rumours of a possible early closure prompt the crews to push even harder. The Final Run As the last hours of the season tick down, a new race begins, the sprint back to port. Since off loading is done on a first come first served basis, captains are competing for the best spot in line.

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