David Attenborough:  The Blu-ray Anthology

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This extraordinary collection of eight series on Blu-ray from David Attenborough, five of which also play in 3D, represents the peak of wildlife filming, brought to you by the world s greatest natural historian.

 Kingdom of Plants sees Attenborough using the latest macro photography to reveal a wholly unseen world, from the most beautiful flower to the most bizarre. In Galapagos, he takes us on a remarkable journey to these enchanting Pacific islands. And his passion for the arthropod world takes hold in Micro Monsters as killer ants, predatory spiders and ferocious scorpions run wild. Natural History Museum Alive takes us on a ground-breaking journey through this famous London landmark as cutting-edge science and CGI combine to bring the museum s long-extinct inhabitants back to life. In Conquest of the Skies, he travels back in time to unravel the astonishing 300-million-year story of the evolution of flight. And narrated by Attenborough himself, The Penguin King tells the story of a heroic, young penguin in South Georgia, one of Earth s last, great wildernesses.  David explores the most spectacular wildlife from around the world in Rise of Animals, it is an eye-opening journey that combines captivating CGI graphics with superb natural history footage. Now, in the landmark series First Life, he completes his journey by going back in time to the very roots of the tree of life, in search of the very first animals.

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