David Attenborough's Natural History Museum Alive 3D [Blu-ray 3D]

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In this stunning new project David Attenborough takes us on a journey through the world-famous Natural History Museum in London, revealing it as it's never been seen before, in a compelling tale of discovery, adventure and magic.

As the doors are locked and night falls, David meets the extinct creatures that fascinate him the most, as they magically come alive in front of his eyes: dinosaurs, ice age beasts and giant reptiles.

From the stories and myths surrounding their discovery and acquisition by the museum, to the somewhat fanciful Victorian interpretations, we gain a greater understanding of these amazing extinct creatures.

Working with the world's leading scientists from the Natural History Museum, David is able to analyse each specimen, piecing together the clues before finally revealing each creature as it has never been seen before.

Where did it live?

What did it eat?

And most importantly what did it look like?

This is a special collaboration of experts and curators from the Natural History Museum with 3D and ground-breaking CGI technology.

Set within the spectacular Natural History Museum, this remarkable film fulfils the dreams of the nation's favourite naturalist.

Radio Times Online: "Exemplary... Fascinating."

The Sun TV Magazine: "Brilliant 3D documentary. Incredible."

The Telegraph: "Nifty - cutting edge technology."

The Independent: "Critics' Choice"

The Observer: "A CGI treat."

Mail On Sunday: "4 stars, magical."

The Guardian: "State-of-the-art technology."

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