Dangerous Indiscretions [DVD-R]

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Throughout the history of the British monarchy indiscretions have blighted the ruling families. However, up until recent times these scandals have been kept behind the very grand closed doors. From Henry VIII to Prince Charles through King Edward VII and Princess Margaret misplaced love has ruined their lives, leaving a string of lovers in their wake. These scandals have been played out on the front pages of the popular press and included the very public downfall of Sarah Ferguson and her love of rich Texans. However, no one could forsee the tragedy that would unravel for Princess Diana after her separation from Princes Charles. That within a few short years she would be divorced, stripped of her title then shortly after killed in a car accident whilst being pursued by the press. This programme looks at the history of our Royal family and tells how mistresses, marriage, divorce and even execution have all played a part in its creation and nearly caused its downfall.

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