Countdown to Murder: Series 2 (DVD-R)

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In a murder mystery that could have been the script to any soap opera, former Eastenders actor Gemma McCluskie was horrifically murdered by her brother. The Soap Star Killer chronicles the tragic events leading up to her death, and the horrific discovery of her body. The story of Joanna Yeates, an energetic 25-year-old who disappeared in the run up to Christmas 2010, gripped the nation. The Killer Next Door: The Last Hours of Joanna Yeates uncovers the tragic events leading up to her death and the consequent hunt for her killer. A chilling and cold-blooded murder hit the headlines in 2010, when Rebecca Thorpe was found dead in a chest freezer at the back of the pub she ran with her lover Michael Tucker. The Body in the Freezer examines the tragic events leading up to her death, and what led Tucker to commit such a dispassionate and executional style killing. Burned Alive records the tragic events leading up to 33-year-old Stacey Mackie's horrific murder when her supposed friend set her on fire. This gripping documentary looks at the unravelling of a friendship and the events that led to the death of an innocent and trusting young woman. Lorraine Thorpe is Britain's youngest female double murderer. At just 15 she had not only horrifically tortured and killed an older female acquaintance, but she also murdered her own father. The Schoolgirl Killer looks at the troubling life of the UK's youngest female double murderer. Ty Medland and Sam Greening were a love-struck couple, marrying within three months of meeting, but as quickly as the relationship flourished, it disintegrated. When the pair split and it was clear Sam wasn't coming back Medland decided to kill her, and himself. Diced to Death depicts their tragic story. The Body in the Lake: Countdown to Murder tells the story of Carol Park and her husband Gordon, who were stuck in a volatile, loveless marriage. Gordon Park, in a jealous rage, murdered his wife in a violent attack that would lie undetected for 21 years. In Murdering the Mother-in-Law we meet 65-year-old Maureen Cosgrove who was a pillar of her local community, but when unemployed drifter George Maben fell in love with Maureen's youngest daughter and moved in, Maureen had unwittingly invited her murderer into her home.

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