Cosmic Collisions [DVD-R]

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Earth They have left deep scars all over the face of our planet and are responsible for one of the biggest extinctions in history. Scientists believe that its not a question of if theyll strike again, but when? Cosmic Collisions: Earth covers everything there is to know about meteor clashes with our planet and how scientists are preparing for the next deadly assault on Earth. Solar Systems Our solar system is a cosmic pinball machine. Rock piles as big as cities plough into planets and leave destruction in their wake. Cosmic Collisions: Solar Systems travels through our cosmic neighbourhood, examining how collisions created our Moon, left gashes on Jupiter, and how pieces of Mars ended up in our own backyard. Galaxies Galaxies smash into each other, stars collide with the force of several nuclear bombs and black holes fuse in a deadly fireworks display. Even our own galaxy marches toward a clash with its closest neighbour, Andromeda. Cosmic Collisions: Galaxies journeys through space as we examine the cosmic battles being waged between celestial bodies.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD-R

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