Confronting ISIS [Region 2 UK Version] [DVD-R]

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What's the status of the battle against ISIS? In Confronting ISIS, FRONTLINE
correspondent Martin Smith (The Rise of ISIS) travels to five countries with key roles in the anti-ISIS fight Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Turkey to report on successes, failures and challenges as ISIS loses ground in the region but strikes abroad. This twohour special deeply examines two years of American-led efforts to defeat ISIS, taking viewers step-by-step through a number of initiatives involving different regional players. With on-the-ground reporting from the Middle East and candid interviews from inside Washington, DC's corridors of power, Confronting ISIS is not just the story of deep tensions between the Obama White House and the Pentagon over how best to combat SIS, but a comprehensive look at a fundamental strategic problem with the fight: Nearly every step of the way, US priorities have clashed with those of the States regional allies in the Middle East. It's a gripping, must-watch film that explains exactly why the fight against ISIS is taking so long and raises tough questions about the shape of the Middle East once ISIS is defeated.

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Type: Region 2 DVD-R

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