Concorde: The Final Flight [DVD] [DVD] [2013]

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Experience the thrill of supersonic travel for the last time. British Airways retired its Concorde on 24th October, 2003, thus ending the era of champagne and caviar at Mach 2 forever. During a career spanning 27 years Concorde carried around 4 million people and embarked on 50,000 flights. Thanks to its instantly recognisable design and state-of-the-art engineering, the aircraft became a national treasure that still evokes passion and pride 10 years after its permanent grounding. This programme takes viewers onboard one of Concorde's final flights to experience the thrill of supersonic travel. We'll go in the airport lounges, onto the plane, behind the scenes and hear from key players like chief Concorde pilot Mike Bannister, head of menu development David Stockton and chief engineer Claude Freeman, who all ensured Concorde was the ultimate flying experience. Concorde enthusiasts and frequent flyers including Maya Angelou, David Frost and Lord Saatchi also contribute their own experiences and memories, making this the perfect tribute to a true giant of aviation.

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