Coldest Race On Earth With James Cracknell [DVD-R]

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Just months after surviving a near-fatal cycling accident, James takes to his bike again, to test the limits of human survival in a race that only a handful of endurance athletes in the world have ever attempted. The Yukon Arctic Ultra takes place over four hundred and thirty miles of frozen Canadian wilderness in the depths of winter, and whilst competing James must race in minus fifty degrees Celsius, battling fifty mph freezing winds. Of the athletes taking part, some will race on foot, some on skis, and a tiny number, including James, on two wheels. But the condition of the trail can vary to such a degree that its impossible to predict whether a cyclist, skier or runner will cross the finish line first. To prepare for this ambitious adventure, James has commissioned the building of a new bike, specially designed to withstand the races punishing terrain. He can only take the lightest possible emergency supplies, including a sleeping bag and makeshift tent that hell pitch alone in the wilderness. As well as facing blizzards, moving ice, perilous overflow waters and freezing winds, James will be faced with countless life and death decisions along the way. Recently crowned the fastest ever Briton in a race across the hottest desert, James will now test his body to the opposite extreme as he plans to conquer the ˜Coldest Race on Earth.

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Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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