Clive Groome - Driving And Firing the Big Four [DVD]

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This is the unique story of Clive Groome, a fireman who worked on all the main express locomotives in Britain back in the glory days of steam. Clive looks back on a lifetime of working with express engines including the Bournmouth Belle, the Cornish Riviera Express, the Midday Scot and the Scottish Sleepre trains from Kings Cross. Having fired the Kings and Castles, Clive compares the Western engines with the very different machines of the London North Eastern Railway. He also speaks about the Stanier Pacifics of the London Midland & Scottish Railway with their bigger, wider fireboxes. Finally, Clive boards the Bulleid Southern Express engines and examines the performance of these more modern machines with their tendencies for going into slip. Clive's detailed memories enable a modern audience to understand how Britain's grets express locomotives were operated and his hunorous stories provide an insight to what it was like to work these living, breathing machines.

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