Clinton and the Clintons [DVD-R]

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It started in Little Rock, Arkansas. It ends in the White House. The ambition of not just one, but both of the Clintons. This is Hillary’s story of her political and personal struggle. It is also the story of Bill, a fatherless child who prevented his stepfather from beating his mother, yet took his name and every day of his fatal illness visited his stepfather in hospital. Clinton and the Clintons tells the story of a man whose ambitious wife transformed her life, first by becoming a senator and then becoming a leading Democratic Party presidential candidate in the United States. The first popular portrait of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Drawing upon extensive material it builds into an evocative and psychological portrait of two remarkable people, with exceptional accomplishments, who have overcome extraordinary obstacles. The programme examines both their political and personal achievements and looks at the balance sheet of their professional and private lives. Clinton and the Clintons is made by the team that have made over 32 successful programmes on the British Royal Family and who have achieved worldwide and continuous sales success.

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