Charley Boorman USA Adventure - Exclusive Signed Edition [DVD] [2013]

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A Signed copy of the NEW Charley Boorman USA Adventure.

Following the success of his previous two expeditions across Canada and South Africa, Charley is back on his bike and this time he is taking on one of the most spectacular countries in the world, The United States of America. Travelling alongside fellow adventurer and director Russ Malkin, this series follows the pair from the volcanic infernos of Hawaii to the icy peaks of Alaska, and then from east to west as they venture off the beaten track to go in search of extreme adventures in the wilderness. This is a journey that tests Charley to the max as he is confronted with some of the most spine tingling challenges he has ever faced. The high risks and low margins for error bring out Charley s humour and the camaraderie he has with those who often hold his life in their hands. Prepare for a rollicking rollercoaster of a ride as Charley Boorman experiences wild and extreme America! See Charley:

HIKE ACROSS FIERY LAVA FIELDS in Hawaii. CONSTRUCT A QUINZEE (snow cave) in the frozen wilderness of America s highest mountain range in Alaska. SAIL A SCHOONER THROUGH THE STORMY SEAS of New England. MEET THE DUELLING BANJO PLAYER FROM DELIVERANCE 40 years after they both featured in Charley s father s critically acclaimed and Oscar nominated thriller. SQUEEZE THROUGH THE NARROW AND CLAUSTROPHOBIC CAVES AND CAVERNS under Pigeon Mountain, Georgia. SURVIVE A ROGUE WAVE in the Graveyard of the Atlantic, North Carolina. CLIFFSIDE CAMPING on a dizzying precipice high up in the Rockies, Colorado. ATTEMPT A WORLD LAND SPEED RECORD ON THE LEGENDARY BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS in Utah.

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