Britain's Wildest Places [DVD-R]

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A fascinating look at the wildlife that also calls these islands home. The British public is finally becoming more aware of the creatures that also call these islands home. This series examines the British creatures whose lives are under threat, showing the habitats they live in, why they have sometimes faced extinction and what we can do to make sure they survive and thrive. These are fascinating creatures, no less so than those found in African Safari Parks or blue cloudless Asian skies. Using spectacular archive footage, Animal Planet examines the history of otters, dolphins and porpoise, water voles, peregrines, red kites and red squirrels, as well as Scottish wildcats and pine martens. These six episodes both raise awareness and inspire, as each programme tells of species on the brink but also reveals stories of how they are fighting back in some cases quite dramatically and shows how, when we put our minds to it, we can make a difference and prevent the continuing destruction.

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