Britain’s Most Evil Killers

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Britain's Most Evil Killers delves into the sordid world of some of the most notorious murderers in the country. People so callous and cruel that the sheer mention of their names sends a chill down the spine and summons up images of inconceivable horror. Killers like Fred and Rose West who between them raped, tortured and murdered 12 girls. The Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, who evaded capture for five years, in which time he bludgeoned 13 women to death with a hammer. And Beverley Allitt, the so called Angel of Death a nurse who killed four children under her care by injecting them with poison. All of these murderers have infected the psyche of the general public, they are the stuff of nightmares. And for every victim they take they leave a loved one suffering. Their legacy of evil lives on from generation to generation. But what drives a person to end the life of another? And why do some murderers haunt us more than others? Using archive news footage, stylised recreations, expert opinion and interviews with the people who lived to tell the tale, we uncover the stories behind the most infamous murderers in the country. These are Britain's Most Evil Killers...

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Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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