Britain in the 1960s [DVD]

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The 1960s promised great things for Britain and the world. It was a period of optimism, idealism and limitless possibilities. Newsreels captured the development of a new kind of culture and lifestyle during the decade. Some of the optimism of the early 60s had faded by the end of the decade, but the period still saw remarkable progress in medicine, science and industry, as well as music, fashion and civil liberties. Britain In The 1960s tells the story of a decade of massive change in Britain. From Beatle mania to the violent anti-war protests in Grosvenor Square, the major news stories of the period are placed in their social context by the use of rarely seen material that shows the way we lived and the way we were over 40 years ago. The result is a unique glimpse of the history of Britain during the 'Swinging Sixties', when Britain was at the centre of so much that was new and exciting, from the boutiques of Carnaby Street to the launch of Concorde. Rare archive footage is interspersed with contemporary adverts to create a nostalgia-filled programme that will be enjoyed by all children of the sixties.

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