Britain in the 1950s [DVD]

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Through the eyes of the newsreel cameras and advertising of the time, we present an affectionate look at the way we were in the 1950s: the way we dressed, the way we laughed (and cried!), even the way we holidayed. In 1950, Britain was working hard to recover from the Second World War. Yet, as the decade went on and economic conditions improved - prompting PM Macmillan to tell the people of Britain they had "never had it so good" - a cascade of wonderful gadgets found their way into British homes and families began holidaying on the beaches and promenades. By the end of the decade booming Britain was in overdrive with five and a half million cars on the road, the opening of the M1 and the arrival of the first Mini. The teenager had also come of age with new dance crazes and flamboyant fashions topped with bizarre hairstyles - anything to make them stand out in the crowd! Britain In The 1950s also focuses on the events that shook the world during the decade: the death of George VI in 1952 heralding a new Queen, Elizabeth II, and her Coronation in 1953; the conquering of Everest; the first four-minute mile; the last woman to be hanged in Britain; and the tragic Munich Air Disaster.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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