Britain in the 1940s [DVD]

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The 1940s were dominated by the War. For the first half of the decade Britain was under siege. Thousands of men joined up to fight in the services, hundreds of thousands of children were evacuated from Britain's cities to the relative safety of the countryside and life changed completely for the nation's women. They did their bit for the war effort, going to work on the land and filling in for men in Britain's factories. Britain's families were subjected to almost constant rationing and austerity throughout the decade. Britain In The 1940s tells the story of this turbulent decade and the remarkable fortitude of the British people during and after the war through the eyes of the newsreel cameras. From the horror and destruction of The Blitz in 1941 to the joyous celebration that marked the marriage of Princess Elizabeth to the dashing Prince Philip in 1947, we take a nostalgic and sentimental journey back to how we lived and the way we were 70 years ago. Finally, on April 14th 1949, British families - especially the children - were rewarded for years of austerity when, after almost a decade, sweet rationing came to an end.

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