Britain in Motion [DVD]

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This entertaining three disc series, presented by Russ Malkin, looks at the past, present and future of British manufacturing.

It looks at the invention of the steam engine, the development of motorcycle racing and helicopter production, the early pioneering days of space technology through to the present day world of satellite manufacturing, and also a look to the future with regard to re-usable space planes and electric powered delivery vehicles.

This series looks behind the scenes and talks to historians, designers, technologists and innovators, and for those who love history and archive footage of steam engines and old sailing boats, it is a must.

However it is combined with a contemporary view on what Britain is building today.
Britain is well known for being inventive; it has a reputation for letting products disappear to foreign shores. As we move into much more competitive times, with China and India on the ascendancy, can Britain hang on to its position as 7th largest manufacturer in the world?

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