Britain At War: The Victory Years 1944-1945 [DVD] [DVD]

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It was the worst of times, it was the best of times. That period when Britain was fighting for its very survival, first from Nazi bombers and later from V2 rockets in the years between 1941 and 1945. Using authentic newsreel footage from the era, discover the reality of life during WWII for those that remained in Britain. Britain at War is the story, told in three parts, of how ordinary Britons from every class and background turned those years of struggle and heartache into a triumph of quiet courage and invincible good humour. It was a difficult time when every citizen had to share the nations burden. The British Pathe News cameras managed to capture every aspect of life in Britain during wartime; rationing, propaganda, blackouts, the Blitz, missing ones loved ones and the new roles available to women in the military and in other areas of society.

From the terrors of the Blitz and the camaraderie of the air raid shelter, to the sudden invasion of hordes of glamorous American servicemen. Britain at War is about the heartbreak of sons and husbands parted from their wives and families, and ultimately of the joy of lovers re-united. Documenting the long years before the allies made their final push for victory and how finally, the citizens of a beleaguered kingdom sang and danced and laughed their worries away.allies made their final push for victory, and shows how the citizens of a beleaguered kingdom sang and danced and laughed their worries away.

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