Bear Grylls: Born Survivor - Urban Survivor & The Inside Story [DVD]

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URBAN SURVIVOR In a special edition of Born Survivor , Bear finds himself in a new kind of jungle - a concrete jungle. Just because he's partially inside, doesn't mean he's out of the woods as Bear uses the same wilderness survival techniques to stay alive in a post-disaster city. Coming ashore in a deserted shipyard, Bear scales a tower crane, finds food 200 feet up in the rafters of a factory, sets traps in a derelict boiler house and shows how to survive the city when all the comforts you take for granted have gone.

THE INSIDE STORY Bear travels the globe, taking on the world's toughest environments to show you how to survive, but he is never alone. A small and dedicated crew follows him every step of the way. In this behind-the-scenes episode, meet the cameraman and his safety expert who testify to how it really feels to follow in Bear's footsteps. From dark caves in Romania, where Bear led them through flooded underground tunnels, to the deserts of Texas, where they were forced to wing walk to get the shots, this episode reveals the crew and the lengths they go to when shooting Born Survivor .

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