Bear Grylls: Born Survivor - Turkey & Belize [DVD]

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TURKEY Bear takes on the Anatolian plateau in Turkey, parachuting into a cold mountain lake. He improvises a raft out of his parachute and battles white-water rapids until he's confronted by a massive 120 foot waterfall. Using a homemade wood and rope ladder, step-by-step Bear lowers himself down a sheer 100 foot rockface. When the ladder runs out he's forced to jump. Bear ventures onto the Turkish Steppe where it's hot and dry and there's little sign of life. He traps a lizard and eats a deadly Death Stalker scorpion.

BELIZE Bear continues his adventures in the jungles of Belize. Dropped at the top of a 700 foot waterfall, he battles his way down treacherous rocks but slips and is left hanging by his fingertips over a raging white-water river. In the rain- soaked jungle he comes face to face with a 9 foot boa constrictor and feasts on the creepiest of crawlies. He vine-swings into a huge limestone cavern only to find himself trapped by the swollen waters of an underground river. Bear builds a raft and heads downstream, heading for the coast. As darkness falls there is still no sign of open water

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