Born Survivor Bear Grylls: South Dakota, Yukon & Romania [DVD-R]

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SOUTH DAKOTA Bear's latest adventure takes him to South Dakota, home to not one but three of America's most incredible wilderness areas: the Black Hills, the Great Plains and the inhospitable Badlands. In the Black Hills, Bear faces treacherous granite cliffs, explores an abandoned gold mine and survives a dangerous electrical storm. On the Great Plains he comes face-to-face with a charging bison herd and in the Badlands he battles 100-degree heat, undrinkable water and some of the most unstable terrain in the world.

YUKON Bear heads to the Yukon, one of the remotest and coldest places in North America. Following in the footsteps of the pioneers who ventured here in search of gold over 100 years ago, Bear fights his way across frozen glacial wastelands, battles to stay afloat in treacherous white water and finds himself deep underground in an abandoned gold mine. It's tough terrain where humans are well down the food chain: black bears, grizzlies and polar bears can all be found here.

ROMANIA Bear enters the heart of Dracula country - the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania. The forests are teeming with ferocious predators and before long the inevitable happens as Bear comes face-to-face with a large adult male brown bear. Battling the rugged landscape, Bear slides down treacherous gorges and climbs sheer limestone cliffs: this is no walk in the park. Finally, Bear heads underground; he follows a subterranean river through dark underground caves in the hope of cutting beneath the tortuous terrain above. Along the way Bear feeds on nature's delights: snails, trout and apples found in a pile of bear excrement.

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