Born Survivor Bear Grylls: Dominican Republic & Oregon [DVD]

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DOMINICAN REPUBLIC The Dominican Republic, in the heart of the hurricane season, is the scene of Bear's latest challenge. Jumping from a hovering helicopter into open sea, Bear swims to a deserted island only to find it devoid of fresh water. Facing dehydration in the tropical heat, Bear makes a raft from storm debris. Reaching the mainland he tackles mosquito-infested mangrove swamps, The Devil's Teeth desert and white-water rapids. As a tropical storm swells the river, Bear scales a vertical canyon to escape the rising waters. He fashions a hammock from creepers and eats tarantula for breakfast.

OREGON Bear takes on the vast bleak wilderness of Hell's Canyon - the deepest river canyon in the world. He has to tackle huge snowdrifts, frozen lakes and burnt out forests. Bear gets down into the canyon by improvising a sledge out of his rucksack, vaulting over rivers and scrambling down 150-foot cliffs. Once on the canyon floor, the challenges come thick and fast. On Snake River, massive white-water rapids transport Bear down miles of vertical gorge. Being cold and wet is a constant threat as Bear struggles to get through the canyon in sub-zero temperatures. Bear finally makes his way out to civilisation by picking up the trail of a hunter from a recent kill and tracking his way out to safety.

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