Born Survivor Bear Grylls: Bear's Ultimate Survival Guide Parts 1 & 2

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To really feel confident of journeying into the wild, you need to know how to survive in a range of different locations and in the face of a range of extreme challenges. Bear reveals the tradecraft and survival tips you need to stay alive in some of the toughest locations on Earth; from finding water and food in the baking salt flats of Mexico, to falling into the ice of Siberia, to battling sharks to make it off a desert island in Indonesia and skinning and eating snakes in the mangroves of Panama, Bear offers you a guide to survival in the kinds of places where, without the right survival skills, you wouldn't last a day. Bear then shows how to deal with deadly animals, find food and battle the elements - everything you need to make it home in one piece. He takes on some of the world's most dangerous snakes, including the deadly Egyptian Cobra, and fishes for catfish in the murky waters of the Louisiana swamps using his finger as rod and bait. On his travels, Bear meets tribes who survive in the toughest terrains, eats raw goat's testicles with the Ber Ber tribe in the Sahara and hunts for porcupine with the San bushmen of Namibia.

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