Bear Grylls: Born Survivor - Baja Desert, The Deep South & Ireland [DVD]

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Bear parachutes into the boulder-strewn desert canyons on the Baja Peninsula of Mexico. In temperatures soaring into the 120s, he tackles dehydration, heatstroke and overwhelming odds to show how you can survive the challenges of the desert. Bear traps a skunk, makes an ingenious water trap from his bootlaces, and scales cliffs 500 feet high. Yet the biggest threat to him comes from a tiny bee sting which swells his eyes shut and half blinds him. In this terrible condition he has to battle a deadly diamondback rattlesnake.

THE DEEP SOUTH Bear tackles the deadly swamps of the Deep South which were left devastated by Hurricane Katrina. He discovers how easy it is to get lost in the maze of rotten vegetation and stinking water. Bear gets deep into the swamps - home to 2 million alligators - and tries to avoid being attacked. He grapples venomous snakes, hunts giant rodents and builds shelters from violent storms. Bear uses his ingenuity to get food by snagging a catfish using only his bare hands, but pays the price. He follows the trail of destruction caused by the hurricane to show how to get out alive.

IRELAND Bear lands on the West Coast of Ireland where the remains of 10,000 wrecked boats litter the shoreline. He shows how to survive the rugged terrain and scales sea cliffs 2,000 feet high in a bid to get inland to civilisation. Bear gets stuck in a peat bog retrieving a dead sheep so he can get food and protection from the elements. He risks hypothermia when his overnight shelter is washed out by a rain storm and has to use every ounce of his skill and determination using a rotten piece of rope to negotiate a 100 foot ravine.

Category: Documentaries, Nature

Type: Region 2 DVD

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