Bite Me - The Bed Bug Invasion

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Cimex lectularius, wall louse, mahogany flat, crimson rambler, heavy dragoon, chinche bug, redcoat, bed bug. Call them what you like, these six legged bloodsuckers can really get under your skin literally! Bite Me: The Bed Bug Invasion is a documentary that will burrow into the world of these miniature night crawlers and reveal the oversized impact they're increasingly having on our daily lives. The film will look at the role they've played throughout human history, how we nearly managed to eradicate them during the 20th century, and why they're now staging a major comeback. We'll explore the economic, social and environmental impact they're having on our lives, as well as their surprising cultural legacy both past and present. We'll reveal the best way to get rid of an infestation along with some unsuccessful DIY attempts that you'd be advised not to try at home.

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