Billionaire’s Paradise: Inside Necker Island (DVD-R)

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For the first time, an in-depth look at one of the most exclusive holiday destinations in the world. This film is an intimate portrait of how the rich, powerful and famous holiday, and what it’s like for the staff who serve them. It’s an upstairs/downstairs world where nearly 100 staff cater to just 30 guests – where some have paid up to £40,000 a night to experience the perfect island paradise. And while Necker is home to Sir Richard Branson and his family, it is also a serious commercial venture. Over the years the island has welcomed everyone, from Princess Diana and Nelson Mandela to NASA’s Apollo Astronauts and more recently, One Direction’s Harry Styles. There’s a mixture of heirs and heiresses to fortunes, and a vast array of international entrepreneurs, who use their holiday on Necker to do business. Meeting their needs are the staff, a mix of British, European and local islanders. It may seem a dream job, but the realities of living in the middle of the Caribbean Sea bring a whole host of major challenges.

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Type: Region 2 DVD-R

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