Bering Sea Gold: Under The Ice Season 4

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In Nome, Alaska, miners risk their lives diving below the ice on the frozen Bering Sea for a fortune in gold. As the new season gets underway it doesn’t take long for it to become glaringly apparent to the fleet’s greenhorns and veterans alike how dangerous this profession is. As some of the divers are forced out to an area of deep sea the potential of nitrogen poisoning is on everyone’s mind. As the season progresses and the hard reality of the winter season begins to set in, partnerships become strained as tempers and egos flare, resulting in some intense confrontations. The challenges of finding gold are wearing on the miners. While one miner nearly loses his life, another hits his biggest payday ever. As the season comes to a close, friendships have crumbled and relationships are near collapse. With temperatures rising and ice melting around them, time is running out for the fleet of dredgers to get on the gold. As the ice begins to fracture, so do relationships and one team sees their dream of becoming gold rich float out to sea.

Category: Television

Type: Region 2 DVD

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