Benito Mussolini - Private Chronicles [DVD-R]

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Benito Mussolini learnt to read at the age of four and could play the violin by the time he turned five. He graduated with honours from Bologna University at the age of 18 and went on to write a novel that became a sensation. During his lifetime Mussolini had countless love affairs and a year before his death he shot dead his son-in-law.
Join Discovery as we re-trace the extraordinary life of Mussolini, from his rise to become one of the most powerful leaders of World War II to his bloody fall: his life ending when he was shot dead alongside his most recent girlfriend in 1945. Learn how Mussolini rose through the political ranks to become the leader of Italy and how he became a master of manipulation as well as one of Hitlers closest allies.
BONUS PROGRAMME: KILL COMRADE STALIN - In the Summer of 1944, the focus on warfare in World War II turned away from Germany as events including the defeat at Stalingrad and the capitulations of Mussolinis Italy disarrayed Hitler and his entourage. Then, on July 20th an explosion in Hitlers headquarters brought him as close to death as he had ever been. A timed bomb was left in the conference room, with Hitlers life only being saved by sheer luck when the device exploded metres away from him. Enraged, Hitler demanded revenge and ordered the liquidation of enemy number one: Stalin.

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