Bear Grylls Frozen Wilderness (DVD-R)

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ALASKAN MOUNTAIN RANGE Bear Grylls faces the icy peaks of the Chugach Mountains, Alaska, one of the toughest environments
known to man. Each year over one million people visit and five hundred become stranded. As Bear travels through the Alaskan moun-
tain range, he manoeuvres down extreme slopes, over glaciers, through bear-infested forests and navigates a small boat through
treacherous ice floes.
EUROPEAN ALPS Bear shows us how to survive the Alps, Europe’s greatest mountain range. More than one hundred and twenty
million people visit every year, with thousands becoming stranded. Bear parachutes in and demonstrates specialty survival tech-
SIBERIA Bear parachutes into the Siberian wilderness, one of the coldest and harshest places on the planet. He has to deal with
extreme cold as the temperature drops to minus forty degrees Fahrenheit, and shelters in a cave where he snacks on hibernating
mosquito larvae. To speed himself along, Bear makes a toboggan from a deer skin. In one of his most extreme experiences, he swims
under the ice of a frozen lake to show just how dangerous it is if you fall through the ice. 

URBAN SURVIVOR In a special edition of Born Survivor, Bear finds himself in a new kind of jungle – a concrete jungle. Just because
he’s partially inside, doesn’t mean he’s out of the woods as Bear uses the same wilderness survival techniques to stay alive in a
post-disaster city.

THE INSIDE STORY Bear travels the globe, taking on the world’s toughest environments to show you how to survive, but he is never
alone. A small and dedicated crew follows him every step of the way. In this behind-the-scenes episode, meet the cameraman and
his safety expert who describe how it really feels to follow in Bear’s footsteps.

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