Born Survivor Bear Grylls: Alabama, Arctic Circle & Vietnam [DVD-R]

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ALABAMA Dropped in by helicopter at the top of a 700 foot canyon, Bear 'koala' climbs down an enormous tree to reach a white-water river. Here he constructs a raft out of flood debris and shoots the rapids before capsizing at the top of a perilous waterfall. In the woods he comes face-to-face with a vicious wild boar, braves a raging forest fire and gets trapped without light deep in the heart of an enormous limestone cave.

ARCTIC CIRCLE Bear heads for the icy wastes of the Arctic Circle where he tackles frozen waterfalls, hunts wild reindeer and battles against some of the coldest conditions on the planet. Using his parachute as an improvised kite, he crosses a vast frozen lake and then plunges neck-deep into a frozen river. When he finally makes it to the safety of the coast his adventure is far from over as he must make a raft from bits of washed up debris to reach the outer islands of the huge fjord. There his signal fire can be seen by fishing trawlers using the shipping lanes.

VIETNAM Bear ventures deep into the heart of the Vietnamese jungle where he tangles with a deadly spitting cobra, braves a raging jungle river and encounters blood-sucking leeches. Bear uses his bushcraft skills to make bamboo traps and spears a catfish. The jungle is a dark and forbidding place and Bear has to use all his survival skills, including improvising navigation aids, avoiding sheer drops and building a bamboo shelter to keep him off the floor and away from the jungle's nastier inhabitants.

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