Battle Castle With Dan Snow [DVD]

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Bringing the mightiest fortresses the world has seen to life.

What makes a castle impregnable? When were the fates of nations and empires decided by the thickness of walls, number of arrow slits and defensive positions? Battle Castle with Dan Snow brings to life a number of history's mightiest fortifications and the sieges they resisted.

Follow Dan as he explores the military engineering behind Dover Castle, Krak des Chevaliers in Syria and Gibralfaro in Spain and details the legendary battles that testified to their impregnability. During the Middle Ages these fortified structures were the ultimate authority in any region in which they were built. Both defensive and offensive, they were centres of administration, symbols of power as well as concentrations of military might. But what was it that made each successful?

Through dynamic location footage and immersive visual effects, this six-part series reveals the bloody history behind these fortifications and the weapons designed to defeat them. Each episode will climax with the ultimate test of each castle s strength: examining the epic battles that changed the course of history.

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