At Last the 1948 Show [DVD-R]

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John Cleese and Graham Chapman, along with Tim Brooke-Taylor, Marty Feldman and Aimi MacDonald headline this historic comedy series, which directly preceeded and inspired Monty Python. With every episode a string of wildly silly and hilarious sketches, it deserves to achieve immortal status.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Includes new interviews with Terry Jones and Tim Brooke-Taylor. UK and USA trailers.


Episode 1:

Intro - The Psychiatrist - Secret Service Cleaner - The Pretty Way - Reptile Keeper - The Chartered Accountant Dance - The Four Yorkshiremen


Episode 2:

Intro - Let's Speak English - Top of the Form - Spiv Doctor - Theif in the Library - Come Dancing.


Episode 3:

Intro - Someone Has Stolen the News - Topic: Freedom of Speech - A Train Carriage - Studio Tour.


Epsiode 4:

Intro - The Four Sydney Lotterby's - Visitors for the use of Lonely Patients - Sleep Starvation - Mice Laugh Softly Charlotte - Jack the Ripper Song - Plain Clothes Police Women.


Episode 5:

Intro - Shirt Shop - The Nosmo Claphanger Quiz Show - Life Insurance for the Accident Prone Man - Uncooperative Burglars - Scottish National Ballet Supporters.

Category: Comedy

Type: Region 2 DVD-R

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